Three Month Seedlings in the Nursery

Two years ago, when first proposed, no one in Patemon believed that they could manage a seedling nursery. With training and support from Trees4Trees™ they have gained the skills needed to run a successful community business.

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Badrun Mukhsinin - Field Coordinator

You might wonder how Trees4Trees™ gets all those farmers involved in planting trees, not to mention training them and recording the planted trees? It's only possible with the assistance of people like Badrun Mukhsinin and his 74 fellow Field Coordinators.

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Novita, Trees4Trees staff with local villagers planting vetiver

Riparian Planting Activity

Riparian planting activity is one of programs which is developed by Trees4Trees with the main goal is to improve the quality of river stream area to support the function of the river, we can find such activities along Cilalal riverside, Kedung Wadas and Citembong villages, Cilacap Districts. One of species that protects surface from erosion is vetiver, about  5.000 plc of vetiver have been planted along 1,5 km.

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