IFFINA 2013: Wood Tracking System Seminar

During the exhibition, Trees4Trees™ promoted the tree replanting program to furniture producers and retailers and also introduced its latest program: ‘Wood Tracking System’.

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Trees4Trees presented agro forestry technical material

Central Java Forestry Agency carried out Training of Agro Forestry Technique in April 2013 in Cilacap, Central Java.  The Provincial Forestry Agency invited Trees4Trees™ to participate as expert on agro forestry techniques as it is typically provided by Trees4Trees™ as assistance to farmer group

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Trees4Trees and farmer group management discussing the Albasia production plan at Gunung Wungkal Forest Management Unit.

After passing the FSC-CW Risk Assessment, Trees4Trees together with farmer group of Gunung Wungkal Forest Management Unit undertook production preparation.

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d-Bodhi Footprint Campaign

d-Bodhi, a producer of home furnishings in Yogyakarta Indonesia, is a company with a strong commitment to environmental and social aspects of its activities. They are focused on the use of recycled wood, metal and textiles as primary sources of raw materials.

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T4T New Home Page

Trees4Trees™ has a new public face. The new website has been under construction for several months with many new features and has gone live in mid-February.

Along with a new lighter, cleaner look, the site emphasizes T4T's work in the field and the benefits with more images and information our activities.

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Sri Mujianti , ViaVia manager in front of Trees4Tours logo

There has recently been an increased interest in joining the Trees4Trees program for the purpose of reducing or 'offsetting' CO2 emissions. One such company is ViaVia tours who had the novel idea of offsetting the carbon they release in their business of providing tours and introducing Indonesian culture to domestic and foreign tourists through planting trees.

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