We have received your request for verification of the WIN number above.

We regret to inform you that the WIN above is not linked to any donation made to fund tree plantings under the Trees4Trees™ program.

Please check your WIN again to make sure the number entered is the same as the WIN you have received.

If you are just trying out the system, you may have used a WIN that has not been assigned yet. Please try another random number until you get a live one.

If the WIN number you entered is correct, and you have a non-verifiable WIN with the Trees4Trees™ name on it, we would like to resolve this matter.

We would appreciate your assistance in sending us by e-mail the following information:

  • If you got your WIN with the purchase of a product, please provide name and address of the shop where the product was purchased.
  • Type of product (e.g. wooden table, cabinet in teak etc.), and/or a photograph of the product and hang tag.
  • Date of purchase.

Please send to info@trees4trees.org or you can use our contact form.

We will keep you informed of the results of our research.


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