Incredible Things Trees Make For Earth – And Us

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2016-01-05 10:39

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Happy farmer and his tree

Why trees, anyway? What makes trees are so important?
We all know that trees have many functions during their life and even after, not only for humans but also for other living things and whole ecosystems. It can be said trees are essential. Let us tell you why we think trees are important for our nature.

1. Trees provide oxygen
Trees are ones of many living things that produce oxygen which we and our fellow creatures need to breathe; humans, animals, fungus and even microorganisms. In the other words, we probably could not exist if there were no trees. The oxygen produced by 1 tree will sustain 2 people every day as long as the tree is alive. Trees produce oxygen in day time by the process of photosynthesis, a process that needs carbon dioxide and light from the sun to produce nutrients for the tree and oxygen. The nutrients will be distributed throughout the tree and oxygen will be released, we use it for breathing.
2. Trees clean the air
Trees absorbs pollutant gases such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxides and nitrogen oxides produced from transportation and other human activities by absorption through their leaves. The tree then breaks down the pollutants to nutrients for the soil.
3. Trees save water and soil.
Trees’ root systems take in water and then release it into the atmosphere. This is the way that trees maintain the rain cycle and keep the planet hydrated. Trees’ roots are also strong and hold soil to help prevent erosion.
4. Trees provide a canopy and a habitat
When groups of trees grow up to become a forest, they provide a home for many living things – biodiversity. Forests become the hosts in a symbiotic ecosystem. This amazing wildlife will enrich nature and of course, we – humans, are able to learn from them.
5. Trees and their benefits to many sectors
Besides the ecological value described above, trees also provide economic, social and science benefits. The wood we use for furniture and home building comes from trees. Even some use other materials for building materials, still most of us use wood for our homes and furniture. Our books and magazines, musical instruments, pencils and even clothes are made from wood! Those products have been produced by businesses for centuries and helping to employ people ever since. And don’t forget the fruit trees that provide nutrition for our healthy lifestyle.
Not all of us realize that trees improve our personal lives – especially in town. The streets, parks, and playgrounds are filled with trees that create a peaceful, refreshing and aesthetic places that you want to visit more often. We’d rather see these green zones than buildings everywhere, right?
Trees are essential, not only for us, but also to entire earth, and we just mention a few of trees’ benefits. If we lose our trees, slowly but surely, our planet will change and our climate become unstable. Global warming is the danger signal that we see now. The climate changes every year. Longer dry seasons and shorter rainy seasons. Even so, the climate becomes more severe and we frequently see flooding, especially in big cities. This is happening globally and people around the world are feeling the same concern about environmental damage.


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