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Carbon has been our epic issue due to global warming. Carbon levels increased since Industrial Revolution (1800s) where natural sources, especially the combustion of fossil fuels, were used massively for human activites and the process of the industry. These caused ‘greenhouse effect’ where atmosphere traps the outgoing heat from inside and makes heat goes back. This trapped heat then makes temperatures higher and changes the climate.
Today, we still contribute in producing carbon emission by doing some habits we are accustomed with.

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Arjuna Statue

A city surrounded by another cities: Semarang, Grobogan in the north, Sragen and Solo in the east, Klaten and Yogyakarta in the south, Semarang and Magelang in the west. Being surrounded by big and modern cities, doesn’t make Boyolali lose its identity. Boyolali stays as the country district that depends on agriculture sector, strong culture and tradition, coupled with mountainous areas, vegetation and the cool air. This makes Boyolali to be one interesting place to visit for those who seeks peace, and explore the nature.

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Sirno and Trees4Trees Team

Trees4Trees’ mascot program is to empower community forest in Indonesia. During our monitoring season, we found out that our farmers’ stories are interesting. It’s personal and honest. They told us their motivation, the good things they can do by planting and being a farmer, and why they are so happy to join Trees4Trees. Here are two stories, we collected from our farmers in Semarang and Boyolali.

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On Thursday, April 28th 2016, Trees4Trees got a visitation from Jenny of Tari Travel Indonesia. For information, Tari Travel is one of Trees4Trees supporters, a travel agency in Makassar, which has been T4T’s partner for more than 2 years. Jenny came to investigate the tour potential on the route from Yogyakarta to Magelang (Borobudur) and the mountains Merapi and Merbabu. At the same time she got the good idea to see the trees Tari has planted and how they can be part of future trips.

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Rafiah, The Tree Farmer

Faced with failing crops and a significant disability, a lot of us would admit defeat. But if there's one person who can teach us all a thing or two about not giving up, it's one of T4T's brightest stars: Rifai, an Albizia tree farmer. Albazia is a fast growing tropical tree that can reach a diameter of 30cm (11 inches) in just 5 years.

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Trees to provide water, pure water and comfortable living for the planet

We all know that wood is a multipurpose commodity that is used for furniture, fuel, clothes, tissue, paper and so on. The high demand for trees has caused a serious problem: deforestation. It’s been a common problem since long ago and we are still cutting more than we are replanting.
Deforestation is still with us and it’s been in the news since the forests of Indonesia, Brazil and other tropical countries are burning each year. But do you know that there are also many “small deforestations” happening around us? They are happening near us all the time without us realizing it.

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The world and nature have many places for you and your own adventure, and the way to get it is simply, by travelling. Who doesn’t love travelling? We can see beautiful places and know how it feels like to be there!
But what we are writing about is more than that. What we mean about traveling is not about just going there for a while, seeing the panorama and eating the cuisine, and then taking some selfies.

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Why trees, anyway? What makes trees are so important?
We all know that trees have many functions during their life and even after, not only for humans but also for other living things and whole ecosystems. It can be said trees are essential. Let us tell you why we think trees are important for our nature.

1. Trees provide oxygen

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Green Tips at Work

Office is the place that working men and women spend 1/3 of their time daily, for five days every week. It’s the place where people are busy with their daily tasks. Here we give some green tips that you can do at work, so no matter how busy you are, you still can participate in helping to make the world a healthier place.


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Green Tips at Schools

Green lifestyle isn’t just something we do at home, we can spread this way of life throughout every aspect of our lives, that includes at school. We can teach our younger generation about simple responsible behavior to help our planet. Here we give some green advice about what to do at school.

1. Sort the trash
Children can sort the trash between organic or non-organic trash. This will help them to increase their environment awareness.
2. Clean the classroom everyday

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Featured stories

Harvesting responsible wood

Trees4Trees™ has been planting trees in Central Java communities since 2007. One of the big benefits of community forestry is that in addition to added tree cover it provides an income for those communities when the trees are harvested. Some of the fast growing species planted by Trees4Trees are already coming to harvest-able maturity.

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Maintenance in the upstream river area is important to ongoing healthy water supply

Water is the essence of life and to provide a healthy living environment for local communities, the water supply must be clean and protected.

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