Farmer with his new seedlings
Community forester with healthy young Teak trees

Economically Effective

Positive benefit to stakeholders at every level.

Our programs are designed to benefit all stakeholders along the stream of our activities because only by providing shared benefit to all stakeholders, can our long term positive impact be realized and expanded.

Trees4Trees' purpose is to plant trees to achieve our goals at the lowest possible cost and using the best methods to assure maximum stakeholder value from our efforts. 

  • Local Communities - We are helping to reverse deforestation by creating long term incentives for local communities to participate by providing an additional source of income and a healthier living environment. Villages where we have introduced community forestry have carried their success forward by continuing to expand their their planting of fallow lands.

  • The Environment - By planting trees to capture CO2, control soil erosion and provide a healthy living environment for people and local fauna.

  • Companies - By replacing the wood used in their products and offsetting carbon released in their processes, we help them to reduce their impact on the environment and verify to their market that they are acting as good corporate citizens.

  • Consumers - Helping consumers to make informed decisions that the products they buy have a low or positive impact on the environment.

  • Individuals - Providing a way to support the rest of humanity by reducing their footprint on the environment and helping others to gain a better and cleaner living.


Renewing the environment and empowering the local communities through the forestry and education

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