Forest inventory starting in Cilacap (village Cikedondong) and Pati (Village Bageng)

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2009-09-01 01:00

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Forest  inventory starting in Cilacap (village Cikedondong) and Pati (Village Bageng)
Tree  label used, for wood inventory  tracking.  Jaya Makmur Farmer Group of Kertajaya Village,  identify, collect, measure,  record,  and  mark trees.
Suparjo,  Pengging Makmur  farmer group manager  from Cikedondong village, using GPS to map their farmer members’ land plots.  Sumarno  of  Pengging Makmur  farmer group, leader  of Cikedondong village, using  Christen meter to measure tree height.
MoU signing between Trees4Trees and 2 farmer groups in Sangkanayu (Purbalingga)
Nursery supervising activity
Pine (Pinus merkusii) seedling in farmers’ nursery under T4T in Karangreja village  Teak seedlings in Banyumas Agricultural School.
Suren (Toona sureni) seedlings in farmers’ nursery under  in Patemon village  Agricultural school students during practical internment training in the seedling nursery.
Villagers with their  families are preparing soil for  seedlings in Bojong-Purbalingga


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