The meeting was held on October 2nd  at Faculty of Forestry  University of Gajah Mada
Agenda of the meeting is:
1) Introducing Trees4Trees
2) Discussion on point of agreement
UGM responded to setup agreement in 2 aspects:
1) Forestry
2) Social
Agreement will be arrange through 2 ways : 1) MoU as umbrella all activities and agreement for each activities
Initially Meeting with Elementary School (SD) of Patemon 2

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Forest  inventory starting in Cilacap (village Cikedondong) and Pati (Village Bageng)
Tree  label used, for wood inventory  tracking.  Jaya Makmur Farmer Group of Kertajaya Village,  identify, collect, measure,  record,  and  mark trees.
Suparjo,  Pengging Makmur  farmer group manager  from Cikedondong village, using GPS to map their farmer members’ land plots.  Sumarno  of  Pengging Makmur  farmer group, leader  of Cikedondong village, using  Christen meter to measure tree height.

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16 Field Coordinators and representatives a farmer group spent a hot day in the field Saturday on August 8th  with Mr.Taufik,  an experienced practitioner in forest maintenance with state forestry company Perum Perhutani.

It was all about how to maintain your trees during growth to get the best possible quality wood by the time of harvest.

The trainer candidates were taken through the principles and practices of thinning and pruning and will now now spread the skills in their districts.

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Half year Field Coordinator meeting, review activity plan in January-June and prepare activity plan for July-December  (MU- Pati & Jepara) on July 28 in Pati
Field Coordinators  from   Pati and Jepara in the review activity  meeting  Mulyono, a  Field Coordinator from  Jepara District presented his activities.
Half year Field Coordinator meeting, review activity plan in January-June and arranging activity plan in July-December  (MU-Tegal, Brebes, Banyumas)  on July , 30 in Tegal

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 Trees4TreesTM Farmers Establish 3 Tree Nurseries
Farmer groups participating in the Trees4TreesTM program have established 3 nurseries for tree seedlings.
The first seedlings became visible in June and will be planted later in the year when they have reached a suitable size and the rainy season will provide the best conditions for first growth.
The nurseries are located in the Purbalingga district of Central Java. They are owned and run by farmers, the opening follows 5 months of planning and preparation with Trees4TreesTM staff.

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Preparation of District Kebumen and  Yayasan Al Hidayah (Pesantren)  as a new management unit in 2009. Assessment of the area’s potential  to undertake the program, including the strengths/weaknesses of the institutions in the area.
Village Karang Kembang, in district Kebumen 
Training a new team of field coordinators in Kebumen, May 28-29. The Trees4TreesTM basic field coordinator training program.
Training for new FC’s in Kebumen 
MoU signing between Trees4TreesTM and a farmer group in Kalikidang (Banyumas)

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Community forestry was introduced to villagers in klumpit village, Pati district, and in Kalikidang, Banyumas district. A Forestry Management Unit , the basic management unit of a certified forest, was established in Klumpit.

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PT. Albasia Bhumiphala Persada (ABP) which is located in District of Temanggung and District of Batang, Central Java is a factory that processing Paraserianthes falcataria or Albasia timber. The processor is interested in planting program conducted by Trees4Trees. In retaliation with its interest, several meetings are performed, also visit of Trees4Trees team to PT. ABP on Jalan Raya Kedu Km. 03, Temanggung. The meeting results a cooperation design on the development of Albasia and its production in Trees4Trees' working area.

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Training of Field Coordinator in Permanent Sample Plot measurement
Establishing  Permanent Sample Plots.  Total 32 plots measured in the Management Units in  Jepara, Magelang, and Banyumas
Tree height measurement training
Tree health evaluation

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Annual  review and  Planning meeting  for  Planting period 2009
Introducing  T4T Information System, an online system to manage information from field to office

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Harvesting responsible wood

Trees4Trees™ has been planting trees in Central Java communities since 2007. One of the big benefits of community forestry is that in addition to added tree cover it provides an income for those communities when the trees are harvested. Some of the fast growing species planted by Trees4Trees are already coming to harvest-able maturity.

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Maintenance in the upstream river area is important to ongoing healthy water supply

Water is the essence of life and to provide a healthy living environment for local communities, the water supply must be clean and protected.

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Renewing the environment and empowering the local communities through the forestry and education

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